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The Study Hard Project is                               to level the academic playing field for middle and high school students in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Our tutors are students, too! Our high-school volunteers help in exchange for service credits from their schools. Our SAT prep tutors are college students, who receive a small stipend (aka, a gift card to a local business of their choice!) in return for their time and expertise. We are committed to making all members of our community feel their value from studying hard with us!  

The Study Hard Project aims to benefit the tutors and the tutored, increasing academic confidence and performance for all involved. In-person sessions are supervised by adults (retired teachers, moms and dads). During Covid-19, all of our sessions are on Zoom.

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Study Sessions

We offer middle and high school students several different ways to improve academic achievement. From homework help to SAT prep classes, we’re here to study hard with you in a stress-free, no judgement zone, where we all benefit from studying hard together. 

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Study Breaks

One of the best things about studying is the breaks! To foster the most well-rounded students, we have a bunch of clubs including a seasonal book club, a self-care club, a creativity club and a community service club allows us to feel our value today.

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Study Goals

For students interested in college, we cover the college application process and beyond. We offer sneak peeks into various careers and jobs, opportunities to shadow professionals and other purpose-driven incentives to become our best selves today and succeed tomorrow. 

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